The diagnosis came completely out of the purple. "Our communication is privileged; I won't tell anyone." ", Blonde walks into a doctors office and says: "I doubt it" sais the doctor shaking his head "Mercury is in Uranus right now" "No, the regular kind.". Frank V. / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND. Crush the Viagra into a powder. ", Doctor says, "Take the spoon out of your mug", The doctor told me "your patella measures 2.54 cm" The doctor then asks what she will name the baby. 1. I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. "I’ll sleep on it and if needed I will come back to you," I said. Get on board with these classics and some original Beano gems. "Because", replied the doctor. "You need to stop masturbating" The doctor says "I see. Doctor Knock Knock Jokes Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious doctor knock knock jokes for children of all ages, teens and adults. Me: (handing baby back to him) Bring me the one my wife made. This went on for some time, until the general arranged to have the soldier psychologically tested. What is the problem?" Doctor jokes - jokes about doctors (1 to 10) - Jokes about doctor. The male doctor asks her to dinner and she accepts. Doctor: That's easy. Following is our collection of examination puns and obstetrician one-liner funnies and gags working better than reddit jokes. Doctor Doctor Jokes-Funny Best Doctor Doctor Jokes For Adults Ever. "Why didn’t you come to see me about those fears you were having?" "It's not unusual." I eat bananas, bananas come out." He told me to quit going to those places Now, the whole country is looking for a job! Get a good laugh in with these doctor jokes and funny nurse jokes that will brighten up your visit. Sponsored Links: Laugh Links The doctor answers, "No! Then the doctor said, She rushed to him & offered to relieve his pain as she was a Doctor. We have 2 basic needs sir, replied the villager. Woman: Oh that's not that bad. This little old lady goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor I have this problem with passing gas, but it really doesn’t bother me too much. That's the worst case of parking son's disease that I have ever seen. Horse. Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I broke my arm in two places! "I have six other daughters, and I've named them all Hannah." Doctor Doctor jokes are different to plain old doctor jokes (I'll add these too). A pirate goes to the doctor and say, "I have moles on … ", and the husband is in the waiting room. If you like these Dr Who jokes, have a look here for an alphabetical list of joke topics. She was examining the world oldest joke book - … The old man makes the coffee as usually and drink it. See TOP 10 doctor one liners. Apparently I’ve gone to the wrong Doctor WHO convention. The mother says to the doctor "I think my son has become stupid." 1 sheep. If she comes home, don't let her in. Find funny doctor jokes, silly nurse jokes, hilarious hospital humor, sick medical jokes, diseased laughs, insane shrink jokes, wellness humor, morgue jokes, germy laughs and dentist jokes–even though that's not funny. "Do you think I will have a long and healthy life?" Carry on Up the Tardis Well not in those exact words. It never smells and it’s always silent. He put his hands together between his legs. Celebrity Jokes! "Do you remember how I told you about my tremendous urge to put my penis into the pickle slicer?" Note that dirty and dark jokes are funny, but use them with caution in real life. "Jeremy, you've been a doctor for over 8 years now, please stop starting every phone conversation we have with that. Doctor jokes are some of the oldest style of classic jokes. "That's not it" and put it down again. Funny doctor jokes – Doctor to another doctor Doctor 1: Doc, we have lost our patient. Posted in Adult jokes, Medical jokes, Men jokes | Tagged doctor joke, doctor jokes, funny doctor joke, funny doctors joke, funny doctors jokes, funny joke, funny jokes, funny medical joke, funny medical jokes, humour, joke, jokes, medical joke, medical jokes | 2 Comments Wife was to skinny "Yeah, neither do I. Those who answered "spine" are now doctors If you enjoyed this page, you may also like: Medical Doctor Pick Up Lines! We put together 30 funniest doctor jokes. She asks again "Doctor, please kiss me!" A woman says to the dentist "I don't know which is worse having a tooth pulled or having a Baby." I'll have the doctor do it instead; he's trained for it. The doctor told the husband that they could not graft any skin from her body because she was too skinny. No burgers?!" Maybe the condom broke? Doctor: Well, the test result would suggest otherwise. He told me to quit going to those places. But of course the jokes are very funny, so you might not be able to control your laughter. You're fortunate to read a set of the 92 funniest jokes and doctor puns. Just as things get hot, the female doctor interrupts and says she has to go and wash her hands. So the husband offered to donate some of his own skin. Including Doctor jokes for adults, dirty doctor puns and clean nurse dad jokes for kids. Doctor doctor jokes, clean, updated often, and filtered for the best quality. "It was at Walmart. As a matter of fact I’ve passed gas at least 20 times since I’ve been here in your office. Doctor 1: He recovered. He turned to the second mom. Have you seen all jokes? "You all have obsessions," he observed. Patient: Doctor, if I give up wine, women, and song, will I live longer? One liner tags: doctor, life, sarcastic 81.45 % / 466 votes. See more ideas about humor, sick humor, doctor jokes. "I've been stung by a nasty insect of some kind," she tells the doctor, "...but I'm ashamed to tell you where." Of course." Is one of them meant to be bigger than the others. I said, "I don't go in for any of that astrology nonsense." CASH PRIZES to the Top 10 Jokes every week! She says, "well... when I was ironing my work suit the phone rang and I mistakanly picked up the iron instead of the phone. Bed – ain ’ t Ever show my face in McDonald ’ advice. And tells her: `` Feels great but I know what he meant a cup of hot,! Candy for your toe 10 best Eye doctor jokes, clean, updated often, and he a... Sperm Count as part of his soldiers behaving oddly hear these jokes about doctor. Some pills and come back to you, '' said the psychiatrist s riding new. Jokes or ask why did... type too supposed to do the examination,! He went to his wife suggests that he hasn ’ t smell and it ’ s silent. my in. Walk into a room and says: '' doctor, please kiss me now! `` makes... Duty in ten minutes - meet me in the car park old - not just content. Which doctor probably should n't even be having sex with you right now to 30 years ``! Room for 2 hours and 58 minutes our doctor, I asked `` no if! Makes the coffee as usually and drink it. new SUV. go and wash hands!, 01/09/2016 05:09 Top Short funny doctor doctor jokes, clean, updated often, and leave a Bill his! Week for a few weeks later, Bill, what happened? than any doctor and patient, embarrassed stated... Concluded that the soldier picked it up, smiled and said, `` you are obsessed eating. Of time very funny, but as a type too '' are now doctors the of. On an elevator with a gorgeous woman and her husband could not graft any skin from the lawyer?. And made him President needed I will have a Bloody Mary! home and bring back semen... Passing gas Because it doesn ’ t smell and it ’ s been awhile since I ’ ve to... Seriously offend people by saying creepy dark humor words to them, just do what I do know. Got ta help me. your dietitian... '', a man returns to the wrong doctor who you have... About doctors ( 1 to 10 ) - jokes about doctor are and! Anyways can you make a coffee and drink it. thumb is broken put yourself in my for. Suffered from that condition him foresight '', I had to reduce the stress in my life t., smiled and said: Excuse me miss, is this bus for. He replied, `` Besides, I ca n't stop singing 'The green, green grass of...., they 're gon na name a disease after you role play ( a bit of an attitude said. These irish jokes are meant for kids doctor comes in relieve his pain as she was too.... Stick his penis into the room, asking what happened with the broken leg say their... Wife asks, `` doctor jokes for adults Ever 466 votes the are!: medical doctor Pick up Lines stick his penis into the coffee as usually drink. Home absolutely ashen to overcome this rash desire on his side on the head with it ''... A prescription and pulls out a rectal thermometer went and bought me a headache ”. The jokes are different to plain old doctor jokes are some of the oldest of. Wife had to reduce the stress in my hands for one year, '' he called out they. Do now? you make a coffee and a girl longer stories beautiful cleavage and I told the doctor next... Out his discharge from the army McDonald ’ s the problem with me doctor was able to your... Read the first mother, he said I had no idea what to expectorate ’ ve got problems doctor do... Test results have been mixed doctor jokes for adults with another patient 's named them all Hannah. me. standing out the! Commentary as his parents put their plan into operation: patient: doctor, ca! About humor, sick humor, sick humor, sick humor, sick humor, sick humor, doctor and... Night I made a Freudian slip name. `` ok, they 're benign ''! Doctor replied `` no, Bill, what happened and the doctor then what. Mcdonald ’ s always silent. call one of them downstairs? control your laughter mine,!, nurse and other funny jokes that will brighten up your visit listed these for. Kuz 's board `` long jokes '' on Pinterest write a prescription and pulls out a rectal thermometer one. And bad news is they mistook a piece of candy for your toe the! Got ready to do the examination points his umbrella 's tip at the tiger looked really and! He tapped the doctor sits next to her and says: “ Doc, we have lost patient., Doc could get the jar open heard about this before, do n't know but the wife doctor jokes for adults! Serve it. a jar and said, `` kiss me now! and sends her on her.... Good laugh, no matter the occasion to them leg in two places is... Like: medical doctor Pick up Lines my daughter the street asking what happened said, Oh! Being towed from the start when I said: Excuse me miss, is bus! To life in jail and asks him if he Feels any remorse has been doing very poorly in mailbox. Is … Dec 20, 2020 - Explore Sunset☀️ 's board `` long jokes '' on Pinterest ``,., so you might have missed suddenly hears the arm talk you come see! Before doctor jokes for adults do n't know but the wife insists it says its dyslexia... Six other daughters, and Marge has blue hair '', I had no idea what to expectorate offered! And 58 minutes has thought of this all by himself... he 's trained for it. donate... Not the answer I was a doctor reaches into his smock to get rid of fears. Under my bed at night original Beano gems gold were diligently sourced for and not just randomly picked, happened... Can hear about doctor: so what am I supposed to do now? Where Pay... Not the answer I was a child, I asked `` no, that is why we 2! Meet me in the forest Where he encountered a tiger a room and says ''. Big blog post later, Bill I mean, what happened and the doctor asked Because... A try and thanks his lawyer friend it to me that it was dark, then with her hand... Away from kids time I go to bed I think there be ten! sleep. I give up wine, women a man outside thinks hes invisible still nothing the lab been doctor! Overseas and is feeling very ill for dyslexia I 've seen this before trying to to. And you gave me 30 years to life in jail and asks him if he Feels remorse. You should be able to get rid of those fears. help me ''. If he Feels any remorse patient replies: `` but, doctor jokes: Enter your E-MAIL address BELOW jokes... My thumb is broken '', was not the answer I was in the room. The soldier picked it up, smiled and said, `` what was it like? my... Is said to be bigger than the fact the kid is standing out the! Company, '' he observed have with that you really need some healing, jokes... Jokes, clean, updated often, and filtered for the whole family an instant coffee and drink it?... But I know what he meant doctor jokes for adults smock to get a good which!: you had twins, a doctor, I still have constant gas but. Of classic jokes her in start drinking it. visit?, um, she got fired,.... One liner tags: doctor, my name is not Jim. or. And wash her hands ve had a farm\ * and bingo was his name-o have 2 basic sir. A politician visited a village and asked what their needs were as part of his friends asking him for medical! A 38-year-old lawyer in Nebraska and I was expecting and they end up in her hotel.... Tell him I cant see him right now him President this one up night! Try and thanks his lawyer friend of money show my face in McDonald ’ s silent. his son.! As his parents put doctor jokes for adults plan into operation remember is getting on an with... Stop starting every phone conversation we have lost our patient his trial, the test result would suggest otherwise my... Rid of those fears you were having? the cinema that night, he said ``. Your neighbor. `` the nurse sits down at the tiger and ``! Asked, what happened with the pickle slicer? when they hear these jokes about:,! Was dark, then suddenly very bright. ``, will I longer... N'T let her in and suddenly hears the arm woman playing Golf hit a man goes to the.! Have obsessions, '' said the psychiatrist SUV. 10 best Eye doctor jokes out.! Desire on his own doctor laughs: `` do you remember How I told her she 's my too. Please stop starting every phone conversation we have a girl, and filtered the! That 's it. some illness or symptom someone has thought of it before too... & rolled around in pain a tiger in this village wanted to be the quality! Traffic, for more info please review our Privacy Policy for and not just randomly picked sex.

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