December 23, 2019
Job Description

Purpose of
the Job
Maintain the snow slopes to meet our customers’ expectations.
 Operate equipment as per manufactures manual and the company policy
and procedures
 Maintain snow depth in high traffic areas
 Remove excess snow from around lift stations
 Push out manmade snow
 Build and maintain interesting and challenging features in the terrain park
 Work overnight shifts as well as weekends and holidays
1. Ensure all equipment is in good operating order at the beginning and end of
every shift
2. Note and communicate any hazards observed on the trails

Valid “G”Level Drivers License
Previous Heavy Machinery operation experience
The operation of the grooming machine requires a highly skilled individual with
experience and knowledge of operating heavy equipment. The grooming machine is
designed to push and maintain several tons of snow on severe slope grades in
challenging conditions.

Performance Expectations:
When dealing with a customer, look at them, maintain eye contact and listen to
them. Adhere to dress code policy. Treat fellow employees with the same respect
you show customers. Use appropriate language – no slang, no profane language.
Don’t rush the customer – take the time to sufficiently meet their needs and make
them feel valued.
Be attentive to the details of your job. Follow policies and procedures consistently
from the beginning to the end of the season. Maintain attendance and punctuality
consistently throughout the season. Say what you mean and do what you say. Make
a good first impression each time you greet a customer –smile, speak in a friendly
manner, offer information or assistance.
Be a role model for all of our Performance Expectations. Show initiative in your job
at all times – keep your work area neat and tidy, and when time permits go above
and beyond your job description. Look for efficiencies in doing your job, while
adhering to operational standards.
Take responsibility for learning and performing your job quickly and efficiently. Be
familiar with the current brochure and generally what is going on at the club on a
daily basis. Be aware that your decisions and actions have an impact on safety, the
customer experience and fellow employees.
Adhere to our health and safety policy. Keep safety top-of-mind when performing
your job. Remind customers about safety procedures and skier and snowboarder
Responsibility Code. Do not take risks while performing your job or during your
leisure time on the premises.
Co-operate with fellow employees. Communicate necessary information on an
ongoing basis. Ensure you perform your own tasks and responsibilities so team
members can depend on you. Take responsibility for your portion of the customer
experience – any breakdown in the process will reflect on the entire team and
impact the customer in a negative manner. Be ready and willing to help out a fellow
employee at any time.

How to Apply

Marty Thody

Director of Operations/ Management Team

Boler Mountain

1 519 657 8822 ext 229

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